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Episode 10 and a New Direction

The Slipstream Podcast was always supposed to be two normal dudes talking about the [formula & sports car] racing they like over beers. It wasn’t supposed to be a news podcast.

This was important to us because there are already many outlets covering those things. Sportscar Unleashed, Formula1Blog, and Radio Le Mans are just a few of the media options that fans already have access to. These guys know what they are talking about and are extremely entertaining. We never thought we would be competitors to them and that’s why we took a few steps back and a few weeks off.

Episode 10 of the Slipstream Podcast heralds a new direction where Aaron and Dusty take one subject or story and “chew the fat” over that specific story. For instance, episode 10 focuses on the financial and competitive state of F1 right now.

We hope the new format gives us a chance to carve out a niche that is not quite competing with the already excellent heavy hitters of the industry. That said, we’re sure it will take a few weeks to get used the new format and for it to come into itself. Please bear with us as we turn this ship we are driving.

As always, please tweet us, email us, and visit the site. Let us know how we can improve and how horrible the podcast is.


Slipstream Team