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Our First Guest and Review of the 2015 Rolex 24 Hour.

We’ve had ourselves quite a big week, not only here on the Slipstream Podcast, but the motorsports world in general.

The 2015 season of Tudor United Sports Car Championship kicked off in Florida last Saturday with the Rolex 24. This is one of the feature events for North American sports car racing along with the likes of Sebring and the Petit Le Mans. Being IMSA’s biggest race, the festivities were exuberant and race fans woke from their slumber (albeit only to fall asleep again for another month and a half).

Here on the Slipstream Podcast, we wanted to kick things off in a similar fashion. We hosted our first quest for Episode 20, and we’d like to give a thank you to Leo Parente. He was so full of insight and side-notes that we recorded our longest episode to date! There wasn’t much we wanted to take out.

So please take a moment to check out our podcast page and give episode 20 a listen. Make sure to let us know what you think by rating us on iTunes or calling us out on twitter. And make sure to check out Leo’s twitter page for the latest witty and/or snarky motorsports commentary as well as his insightful Kinja /SHAKEDOWN page, which now hosts a very cool initial peek at how the new Nissa LMP1 will drive.

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