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Episode 21 – Marshall Pruett, IndyCar and the WEC

We were fortunate enough to get Marshall Pruett on the show this week. We asked him on to comment on the big news this week in IndyCar. We learned that Brasilia was cancelled and won’t be replaced any time soon. Marshall also commented on IndyCar bringing Brian Barnhart back into the Race Director role. Sure, he’s had a checkered past, but Marshall believes this time could be different. The last note of the episode is on the new Nissan GTR LM LMP1 racer that was finally unveiled during this year’s Super Bowl. Are we really in a modern golden era of international sports car racing?

We also give our buddy, True_Racer a shout out. He races carts, spec 944, and live streams his Twitch channel. Be sure to check him out and if you are here because of him, we thank you for listening.

Check out the articles we discuss this week. Some of them were written by our special guest, Marshall Pruett:

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