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Slipstream Website Relaunch

Surprise! We’ve relaunched the website. Not only that, we’ve added quite a few features as well! We’ve redesigned the logos, headers, and social media avatars that you’ve probably grown to become familiar with.

Along with the new graphics, we essentially relaunched the website with a few new pages. We’ve added a motorsports calendar that highlights the dates for all the series we’ve come to love as well as the races we intend to be at in person. Also that Photos page that we’ve left empty since we started – it won’t be empty for long. We’re excited to announce that our friend, Matt R., has joined the team as the resident photographer. Sure, Dusty enjoyed doing it with his just-better-than-a-point&shoot camera, but Matt is also passionate about photography with better equipment and more skill. We look forward to having a full page of galleries for those of you who like the visual reminder of how awesome auto racing really is.

There are now more ways to connect with us. Find us on Facebook and Kinja. We’ll see how these platforms allow us to connect with our listeners better. Hopefully we’ll get some great discussion out of them.

You’ll also notice that the podcast has a new sound. We’ve partnered with Dino DNA & Jurassic Pop Records to revamp the intro and outtro to the podcast. They’ve got a ton of rad bands over at their website. Make sure to check them out.  We chose Castroneves on Dino DNA’s sophomore album, All Male Garage Rock. We are very thankful to Dino DNA and personally love their music. You guys rock!

We’ve recently had a few good weeks with some amazing guests. We’re not stopping there! We’re going to continue to bring you great, entertaining content each week with relevant guests and conversation. We hope our listeners continue to enjoy the show; we keep getting more subscribers each week. Let us know of any ways we can improve; we’d love to hear more from you guys.

Once again, we’re sorry.

Dusty Michael

As a mechanical engineer, Dusty’s passion is for sports cars and endurance racing. In his opinion, there’s nothing better than a race car closely based on a model that you can go out and buy from the manufacturer showroom. He’s very particular about his writing utensils and appreciates a great, cruelty free pomade.