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Episode 26: You’re all Wrong About the Aero Kits

A few weeks ago, Chevrolet unveiled their 2015 IndyCar road and street course aero kit. This week, Honda did the same. So it sounds like most people are slightly less-than-pleased. You see, there are very few debates that are as sensitive as same-sex marriage and abortion, but this is one of them: form vs function in the racing world.

Slipstream Podcast host, Aaron, graduated from Purdue with a Bachelor of Science in Aeronautical and Astronautical Engineering. We’re betting on him knowing a thing or two about what a particular aerodynamic feature does. He takes a deep look into the particular features of both the Honda and Chevy aero kits. We discuss what we think each little bit is doing. We also cover whether or not the cars look good and if it really matters. Warning, Aaron is a little heated on this; and Dusty’s beer choice didn’t help the matter.

This is what we’re drinking this week:

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  • This was a great show! If you want to understand why the Aero Kits look the way they do you must listen to this show! Dusty and Aaron put it down!