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New and Improved with Features

We’ve got a few new features that will be regularly occurring on the Slipstream Podcast along with the webpage. Last week’s episode with David Heinemeier Hansson on his petition to improve pitlane safety in IMSA’s Tudor United Sports Car Championship really opened our eyes about the importance of motorsports safety.

This is how we came to the conclusion that the topic of safety in our favorite sports needs to be an ongoing, living conversation. This means that we’ll be revisiting the topic from time to time here on the Slipstream Podcast. With that said, we’ve been in talks with the Motorsports Safety Foundation. We’re going to have COO Scot Elkins on the show to dig in about what the MSF is and what they do. In addition, we’ll touch base on all the recent injuries lately and what MSF is doing in response to the news. It’s very cool that Scot is willing to sit down with us and we can’t wait to talk to him. Expect the safety conversation to not only continue with Scot, but perpetuate into the future.

We’ve also got a new side show; we call it the Short Shift. The first episode is about beer and the difference between macro scale breweries and micro breweries; we consider it a public service announcement. The Short Shift is designed to be our short, 15 minute side show featuring all the soundbites we get through our adventures. It’s here you’ll hear fan interviews at the track, surprise quizzes, short driver interviews and questions, and quick interesting banter. There’s no need to subscribe to another podcast, we’ll publish the Short Shift on the same feed as the Slipstream Podcast. We hope you like it, there’s plenty more to come.

We’ve got one more thing that’s been in the works. Our photographer, Matt R., has been working on getting our gallery page up and running. As of the publishing of this writing, the web page is not online yet, but will be shortly. His images will be visual reminders of our adventures at the track and other automotive romps.

The podcast has been growing quite a bit lately and we are very thankful for that. Please keep the fan email coming in and don’t forget to call us out when you think we are being idiots. We also need you guys to share the word with your friends and give us a review on iTunes if you like. Thanks again for all the support! We hope you like what’s coming down the pipe in the future.

Dusty Michael

As a mechanical engineer, Dusty’s passion is for sports cars and endurance racing. In his opinion, there’s nothing better than a race car closely based on a model that you can go out and buy from the manufacturer showroom. He’s very particular about his writing utensils and appreciates a great, cruelty free pomade.