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Episode 28: PitFit’s Jim Leo and Driver Fitness

Alright folks, get off your butt, get out the door, and do some physical activity. Don’t forget some ear-buds and your favorite racing podcast. This week we’re sitting down with PitFit Training‘s Jim Leo. Jim has been training with members of the motorsports community since working with Marlboro Team Penske in 1994. We’re not saying he was the sole reason for Penske winning 12 of the 16 races, but his addition to the team probably didn’t hurt.

Jim talks with us about driver training and how it applies to athleticism. Is physical training for a driver much different than that of another athlete, say from the NFL or NBA? You’ll have to listen in to find out. We also talk about how driver training can help limit injury. Can physical training help prevent injury in the car? You’ll find out in this episode.

We’re thankful not only for the fact that Jim was able to com on the show, but that we had a blast talking with him. He was extremely insightful and full of knowledge of how the body works, especially in a race car. Thanks again, Jim!

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