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Announcing the Push to Pass Podcast

Notice that the Slipstream Podcast missed an episode last week? That’s because we were working on something new with some friends. We’re proud to announce our second weekly show, the Push to Pass Podcast. We’ve been having a blast recording the Slipstream Podcast, engaging in fun and riveting pub-talk with motorsports guests, but something has been missing.

What about the news?

The Slipstream Podcast is not really designed to keep our listeners up to date on the latest news and headlines of our favorite racing series. That’s why we’ve teamed up with Next Gen Indy to bring you the Push to Pass Podcast, your one-stop strategy for the latest IndyCar headlines, commentary, race analysis, and weekend previews.

What does this mean for your favorite motorsports pub-talk, Slipstream Podcast? Absolutely nothing. We took the week off last week to launch the Push to Pass, but the Slipstream Podcast will be back this week with another great guest. The Push to Pass Podcast will exist on its own feed, separate from the Slipstream Podcast.

Your one-stop strategy for IndyCar headlines, commentary, race analysis, and more.

Ben, Editor in Chief, at Next Gen Indy has done a great job, with his team of writers, of building a platform to keep you informed on all the action in your favorite North American open wheel racing series, IndyCar. Check out to read the latest in IndyCar news.

For the Push to Pass Podcast, look for it to release very soon on iTunes and your favorite podcast catchers. Until then, head on over to or the Push to Pass tab here on We hope you enjoy the additional open wheel coverage.