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Episode 43 – Motorsport Safety Foundation Safety Car Deployment Survey

North American Sportscar’s Ben Wedge joins Dusty for a great conversation with Scot Elkins and Henrique Cisneros of the Motorsport Safety Foundation. We’ve had COO Scot Elkins on before, but Founder and President, Henrique is a first time guest. We discuss the survey MSF published earlier this year that was distributed to fans, safety workers, and drivers. The survey collected some interesting data from the aforementioned groups regarding safety car deployment during a race. Join us as we discuss valuable insights from this survey. The article that we reference can be found here.

The Motorsport Safety Foundation is dedicated to improving the safety standards in our favorite forms of motorsport. Please be sure to check them out and we encourage you to be a part of their forums as well as donate if you have any extra funds to do so.

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