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SSP 46 – IndyCar 2018 With Jeff Berger

September 17, 2015
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We’ve got quite the show for you this week. Dusty and Aaron sit down with Jeff Berger to talk about a potential concept design he had for the next IndyCar, expected to release in 2018. Jeff was a part of the new generation of Daytona Prototypes that Grand Am released in the mid 2000’s. He was the lead designer of the Fabcar DP, most noticeably the Brumos Porsche. Jeff has dedicated a good amount of time designing what he think the next Indy car should look like.

The following are more images of Jeff’s IndyCar 2018 concept. These images are a great visual guide to our conversation. If you are viewing these show notes in a podcast app and cannot see the images, please visit this post on the web with this link.

download (10)

download (11)download (12)


Below are some images that feature the dimensions of Jeff’s design. The car is smaller in all directions from the current DW12 that is run in the Verizon INDYCAR Series today. We’ve also got an overlay of the car to visually compare it to the current car.

Screen+Shot+2015-09-20+at+3.10.11+PMdownload (13)




download (14)download (15)download (16)

After the initial concept was visualized, Jeff thought of separating the road course car from the oval car. Here is what he thought up.

download (17)

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  1. Just listened to the Podcast and now checking out the photos. I think this is a really neat, awesome design that is almost love at first sight. It has enough of the ‘classic’ look yet the safety features that are almost required on the cars these days. Love the discussion and you guys generating this type of interest and thought. Keep it up!