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Freiberg and Hindman Win at a Waterlogged Road Atlanta

October 2, 2015

Unrelenting mist persisted into the start of the Continental Tire SportsCar Challenge race, making the question of which tires to start on very complicated. Some cars came to the pits as the field took the green to change their tires. Despite the challenging conditions, most cars took the green flag without incident, with the exception of Ethan Low in the #31 ST Bodymotion Racing Porsche Cayman who spun to the inside of the track and watched the entire field drive past him.

Cavan O’Keefe was the next driver to be caught out by the rain just a few minutes later, spinning and stalling the #18 RS1 Porsche Cayman on track at the exit of turn 7, bringing out the first full course caution with 02:27:00 remaining.

The race returned to green with 02:21:00 remaining, and within two laps, Jade Buford passed Andrew Davis for the lead, and remained there and the pair began passing slower traffic.

Two separate incidents occurred leading to the second full course caution with 02:04:00 remaining. Nate Norenberg spun his #87 Rebel Rock Racing Porsche Cayman at the exit of turn 7, making light contact with the inside barrier, and his teammate Carlos Contreras came to a stop on track at the exit of turn 10. An extended yellow followed, as crews cleaned up mud that had come on the track due to cars re-entering after driving through the grass.

Green flag conditions returned with 01:53:00 remaining, and Chad Gilsinger was immediately caught out in turn 1. His #93 HART Honda Civic Si was one of the final cars on slick tires.

Jade Buford led the GS class and Chad McCumbee led the ST class for the next half hour with no event, until Andrew Carbonell crashed hard in turn 12, bringing out the third full course caution with 01:20:00 remaining. Nearly everyone came in to pit and change drivers, and it led to a large shakeup in the GS field. Trend Hindman rejoined in the lead in the #46, followed by Lawson Aschenbach in the #9, Robin Liddell in the #6, and Austin Cindric in the #4. The ST class was also shaken up, with the #5 car that had led the first half in the race with Chad McCumbee finding itself rejoining in 3rd after Stevan McAleer took the wheel. Tyler Cooke led the ST field in car 81, with Kevin Boehm behind in the 92.

The race finally went green again 20 minutes later with 01:00:00 remaining. Despite the prolonged yellow and fresh drivers, cooler heads prevailed on the restart, showing that yellows don’t ALWAYS breed yellows. Trent Hindman slowly pulled his M3 ahead of four Camaros chasing him, the pair from Stevenson Motorsports followed by the pair from Mantella Autosport.

Full course caution number 4 came with 32 minutes remaining, as Eric Foss crashed his #56 Murillo Racing Porsche Cayman hard in turn 12. His teammate Brent Mosing beached the #65 in turn 10 just before Foss dropped a wheel at the entrance of turn 12.

The race resumed with 21 minutes remaining. Rain was falling much harder on the southern end of the track, so the esses along with turns 6 and 7 were extremely damp and treacherous on the restart. Everyone made it through safely, and the final push to the race win and the championship was on.

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Hindman held on to win the race in the #46 Fall-Line Motorsports BMW M3 with a 1.194sec gap over the #6 Stevenson Motorsports Camaro of Robin Liddell. Kyle Marcelli finished 3rd in the #80 Mantella Motorsports Camaro.

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Kyle Gimple won in the ST class in the #75 Compass360Racing Audi S3 with a 16.868sec gap over second place Mat Pombo in the #73 MINI John Cooper Works Team JCW. Terry Borcheller rounded out the podium in the #23 Burton Racing BMW 128i.

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Unofficial Race Results

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