Racers Edge Motorsports Debuts SIN R1 GT4 at PRI

December 15, 2015

Recently announced as the exclusive North American distributor for an exciting new race car, Racers Edge Motorsports has been competing in the sports car industry since 1990 and is considered one of the premier teams in North America. Racers Edge team owner Jon Mirachi was at the Performance Racing Industry 2015 trade show and let us in on some of the unique features of these new cars.

For North American racing, SIN cars will have their assembly completed exclusively by Racers Edge, with components coming from Bulgaria, Germany, Australia, the United Kingdom and the United States. Built by passionate racing professionals, SIN cars represent the ultimate ‘sin’ of a racing enthusiast: “stealing so much time, energy, and money from our friends and family,” according to the Racers Edge website. The cars qualify for classes in multiple series, including the Pirelli World Challenge Series, NARRA US GT Championship, FARA, NASA and SCCA.

SIN 2Fully titled as the SIN R1 GT4, the race car fills a gap in the sports car world.

“The GT4 is a nice new niche of something less expensive and more affordable for a lot of teams,” said Mirachi. “My personal slogan is that the GT4 gives you 90 percent of the performance of a GT3 car at half the price.”

Comprised of a carbon fibre body over a tube frame chassis with sequential shift, and a mid engine with rear wheel drive, the GT4’s unique substructure allows for easy repair trackside due to its smaller components. Racers Edge Motorsports is working on approval for classes in multiple other series.

“Our main focus will be PWC because it has given us a great venue initially, but we’ve already put feelers out in several other series,” said Mirachi. “We’ll be looking to expand that reach as we get going with the program.”

SIN 3Racers Edge Motorsports will run two cars themselves, with the option to expand up to four. As the North American distributor, the team can also sell the cars to any other team looking for an affordable option in the sports car industry. Racers Edge would act as a background supplier and provide mechanical or technical assistance as needed. Drivers could race under the Racers Edge umbrella or purchase a GT4 to race with their own team.

“We have two cars, one is booked solid for the season for both sprint and endurance races through PWC. The other car has no commitments, so we’re still looking for a good funded driver to join our team,” said Mirachi.

Racers Edge Motorsports’ first GT4 was delivered on December 7th. The team originally wanted to begin testing as soon as possible, but have decided to wait and will begin testing on December 29th.

“We want to be an expert on the car and prepared for when we go to the race track,” said Mirachi.

SIN 4When it comes to the track, look for the Racers Edge Motorsports GT4 on the Pirelli World Challenge Circuit throughout 2016. Mirachi has also hinted at racing in the newly Ultimate GT Racing Series, which will drastically change the face of sports cars, allowing any factory based OE unibody car under ten years old to enter.

“One of the really nice things about GT4 cars in general, and this car specifically, is the value … for the technology of a car like this, it’s a really good price, a nice quality car,” said Mirachi. The GT4s will add a new dimension to the sports car series, allowing more drivers and more teams to compete as a more affordable option.

For more information on Racers Edge Motorsports or the SIN GT4 cars, visit Find out more about the upcoming UltimateGT Series at

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