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UltimateGT Announces Chris Williams as COO

The group at UltimateGT is in full swing early in 2016. The organization announced today that Chris Williams will assume the role of COO for the series, starting immediately. This is coming off last week’s announcement of the series structure, featuring time attack, 2 1-hour back-to-back races, and a 4-hour endurance race titled as UGT X, UGT 2, and UGT 4, respectively.

As COO for UltimateGT, Williams is tasked with overseeing the daily series operations, staff accountability and supervision of the series’ management team. He will also offer insight and perspective to the core business operations.

Williams is no stranger to management responsibilities in the racing industry. He’s more recently known for his Indy Lights team, Fan Force United, that he co-owned with former IndyCar driver, Tyce Carlson. Fan Force United was formed after Alliance Motorsports was unable to run the 2011 Indy Lights season and sold to Carlson and Williams. Finding success in Indy Lights, the duo participated in the 2012 Indianapolis 500.

The Knoxville, Tennessee native attended college at the University of San Fransisco for Sports Administration. He’s also an avid golfer and will still occasionally compete professionally.

Williams is looking forward to working with UltimateGT to bring a fresh new perspective in motorsport. He references restrictive rules being put on the competition all the while seeing costs raise and purses decrease in some of his previous experience. Value is an important part of racing, not only for the fans, who want to be entertained for the entire weekend, but the competitors as well. Williams sees this opportunity with UltimateGT, as the organization aptly uses the term SHIFT to describe what they’re bringing to the motorsports industry.

The Slipstream Network will look to the series for more staff announcements in the coming days as well as any partnerships the series will announce. With the racing season approaching, we’re also anticipating the full schedule to be announced soon as well.

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