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Fuse Fuels Named Official Fuel Supplier of UltimateGT

UltimateGT announced their first series partner January 17. Corey Oil’s Fuse Fuel is named the official fuel supplier of UltimateGT and all three of its racing formats, UGT X, UGT 2, and UGT 4. By supplying its Igniter Series Crate 98 non-ethanol based fuel, Fuse Fuels engages in a working relationship with teams and competitors to gain the maximum performance from their machines.

Based in North Lake, Wisconsin, Fuse Fuels got their start in 2011 through the Canadian racing market. The strict ban on leaded fuels in Canada provided a great opportunity for Fuse Fuels to explore the options of high performance unleaded racing fuels. Their products range from “Liquid Torque” High Performance Racing Diesel Concentrate to “Accelerator” Total Engine Performance Concentrate, providing high performance fuel products in a variety of racing and performance markets including off road, drag racing, stock cars, and more. The brand’s open approach to performance and competitive nature should lend itself well to UGT.

“We look forward to participating by committing to a spec fuel program, to provide a premium fuel to each race at a competitive price in comparison to other specified fuels in sports car racing,” said Alan Hemsworth, Race Fuel Division Manager for Fuse Fuel.

Fuse Fuel is the first partner announced by the series. “We are really excited to start the process of announcing our partners with Fuse Performance Fuels,” said UltimateGT Series Principal and CEO. “With them coming onboard, not only will UGT provide a quality fuel to our competitors but it also will allow us to create the unique Octane Lounge presented by Fuse Performance Fuels.” As Livingston mentions, the Octane Lounge is a Saturday night entertainment event aimed at giving back to the competitors. Livingston and the group at UGT have made it apparent that they care about the competitors of their paddock. The move reflects the general notion that the stakeholders of the sport should be taken care of, from the fans to drivers and crews.

The group at UltimateGT has been busy this month regarding their announcements of race formats, Series COO, and Series Directors. We expect to hear more from UGT including additional partnerships as well as a final series schedule. Slipstream Network will continue to report on the news as more information comes out.

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