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UltimateGT Announces Release of Rulebook

For Immediate Release

Indianapolis, IN (February 16, 2016): UltimateGT announces the ruleset to the highly anticipated UGT X, UGT 2, and UGT 4 racing formats announced earlier this year. The release of the rulebook is a result of countless nights of planning in conjunction with initial plans to acquire a current North American road racing series and combine UGT’s vision with an established group of racers. After long talks and discussion, a collaboration was not able to be found, requiring a large re-working of the rules. After an expedited roll-out plan, UGT is pleased to share the newly written rules to competitors and interested parties.

The open ruleset features a simplified look at GT racing. Race cars, 10 years old or newer, are required to have the original manufacturer tub and body silhouette  as well suspension type and pick-up points. Engines are required to be of the original manufacturer but open along with open gearbox rules. UGT welcomes creativity and innovation with open aero rules including reshaped bodywork, added aero components, and open rear wings. The inclusive driver requirements allow for drivers licensed by the FIA, IMSA, PCA, NASA, BMWCCS, SCCA, and HSR to join in the action.

The streamlined ruleset at first glance may seem like an abridged form of a typical GT sports car rulebook, but UGT’s straight-forward approach to making the rules is the main driving force behind this SHIFT in motorsports.

“After having to switch gears in late November to become a self-sustaining series, we had to push hard get race dates dates, finalize partner relationships, and grow the rules to include the GT2 Series and the GTX Series, a time attack or time trial oriented offering, to prove a well-rounded weekend for competitors of all backgrounds,” UGT Series Principal and CEO, Dougie Livingston said. “I’m thankful  of the hardworking staff including Chief Operating Officer, Chris Williams, and our Series Directors, Brett Ross and Eric Eisumuller along with the rest of the Technical team to create an open rule-set to encourage any competitor with varying budget and background to race.”

Competitors and interested teams can see a breakdown of the rules and request a copy of the full rule-set at The full race schedule will be released in the coming weeks.

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UltimateGT (UGT) is bringing a SHIFT to the model of GT racing. We are moving away from “manufactured finishes” towards a stripped down model where the only balance of power is the driver. Race weekends will feature a fast lap specific event, back-to-back one-hour series and a four-hour event. Multiple specifications of cars will be allowed with engine displacement determining the competition class. In 2016, UGT will host four events across the eastern half of North America, allowing all levels of teams and drivers to compete. Further information on the Ultimate GT series can be found at

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