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FLOT 3 – RealTime Acura at St. Petersburg’s Erin Charlton continues her assault on the Grand Prix of St. Petersburg presented by Cadillac with a visit to the kind folks over at RealTime Acura. Ryan Eversley and team owner, Peter Cunningham, have had to adapt to the change from AWD to RWD in their Acura TLX GT3 machines. Erin asks about the development in the season so far along with the duo entering next week’s 100 Acre Wood Rally, a popular event by Rally America.

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Dusty Michael

As a mechanical engineer, Dusty’s passion is for sports cars and endurance racing. In his opinion, there’s nothing better than a race car closely based on a model that you can go out and buy from the manufacturer showroom. He’s very particular about his writing utensils and appreciates a great, cruelty free pomade.