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UGT Partners with MSEF to Educate Competitors

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Indianapolis, IN (March 22, 2016): UltimateGT announces its partnership with the Motorsports Safety Education Foundation Inc., for the 2016 season. This partnership furthers the SHIFT in sportscar racing, creating safer and faster drivers.

The MSEF aims to educate motorsports competitors with the knowledge they need to compete again and again, with the goal of creating an industry-wide standard for safety education. The partnership with UGT will provide online and trackside resources for the education of UGT competitors.

“The education of our competitors is something that is extremely important to UGT,” said UGT Director of Drivers and Teams, Morgan Britnell. “The relationship with MSEF will help us work towards that goal. We hope to see this program grow into a tool that can help create a more educated base of racers in the motorsports industry.”

An MSEF online education class will be required for all UGT X competitors, although all UGT class drivers will be encouraged to complete the class. This education is offered at no cost to drivers. Although this is MSEF’s first foray into sports cars, UGT recognizes the benefit of becoming more familiar with safety standards to ensure fun, safe competition across the series. Online registration for these classes will be available at a later date.

“The MSEF is excited to partner with the UGT Series and to educate UGT participants on driver safety,” said Tom Weisenbach, MSEF Executive Director. “We are glad to see UGT take a proactive approach to safety instead of reactive.”


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The Motorsports Safety Education Foundation (MSEF) is a 501c3 non-for-profit organization that educates motorsports competitors. By providing the latest knowledge in an easy-to-use interactive format, we give competitors the education they need to compete safer. More details on MSEF can be found at

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UltimateGT (UGT) is bringing a SHIFT to the model of GT racing. We are moving away from “manufactured finishes” towards a stripped down model where the only balance of power is the driver. Race weekends will feature a fast lap specific event, back-to-back one-hour series and a four-hour event. Multiple specifications of cars will be allowed with engine displacement determining the competition class. In 2016, UGT will host four events across the eastern half of North America, allowing all levels of teams and drivers to compete. Further information on the Ultimate GT series can be found at

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