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UltimateGT Announces Partnership, Sanctioning by USAC

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Indianapolis, IN (March 18, 2016): UltimateGT and United States Auto Club announce the official USAC sanctioning of UltimateGT and its three racing formats for 2016. This historic announcement marks the first time in nearly 55 years that USAC has sanctioned a sports car series. The multi-year agreement ensures stability and success to the SHIFT in the racing industry that UGT continues to pursue.

Known most for it’s historic running of the Indianapolis 500 and sanctioning of various levels of oval racing, USAC last sanctioned a sports car series in 1962 with the USAC Road Racing Championship. UltimateGT competitors will join a class of racers that include Carroll Shelby, Phil Hill, Dan Gurney, and Roger Penske as drivers that have competed in USAC sports car championships. Like these previous competitors, UGT drivers and crews will be challenged to put their raw talent and innovative engineering prowess to the test against one another in three different formats of racing previously announced. The ties with the sanctioning body will not only allow racers to be a part of USAC’s historic return to sports car racing, but ensure a stable platform for competition in a time when high costs and barriers to entry minimize returning competitors.

The relationship will have many benefits for UGT competitors, most notably with USAC’s completely automated online system for driver and crew registration. The system will allow for a convenient, easy process to organize and keep track of competitors throughout the season. In addition to the already announced competitor-focused perks offered by UGT and it’s partners, racing insurance will be managed by USAC, allowing UGT competitors to focus on the action on track, furthering UGT’s goal of giving back to and taking care of the paddock.

“Pairing with USAC is huge for the UGT effort,” said UltimateGT series principal and CEO, Dougie Livingston. “As most know, USAC has a deep history and it has always been a leader. Kevin and the USAC team have put a ton of work in being a pioneer at a professional level, which is key for UGT to provide and deliver the very best experience we can to all of our drivers and teams.”


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United States Auto Club (USAC): Founded in 1956, USAC is one of the premier sanctioning bodies of motorsports in the world, having sanctioned the Indianapolis 500 for over 40 years. In addition to UltimateGT, USAC currently sanctions the Triple Crown, comprised of its Silver Crown, Sprint Car, and Midget championships, as well as the Traxxas TORC Series, and Red Bull Global Rallycross. Further information on USAC can be found at

UltimateGT (UGT) is bringing a SHIFT to the model of GT racing. We are moving away from “manufactured finishes” towards a stripped down model where the only balance of power is the driver. Race weekends will feature a fast lap specific event, back-to-back one-hour series and a four-hour event. Multiple specifications of cars will be allowed with engine displacement determining the competition class. In 2016, UGT will host four events across the eastern half of North America, allowing all levels of teams and drivers to compete. Further information on the Ultimate GT series can be found

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