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Get Ready for the Greatest Spectacle in College Racing

Purdue University students have been working their tails off the last few weeks, and not just for final exams. The Purdue Grand Prix only comes one time a year, a tradition held true for many a boilermaker for the past 59 years. Below is the race day schedule of events. Slipstream Network will provide live coverage of the qualifying heats, pre-race ceremonies, and the race itself.

qualsHistory is in the making as Jimmy Simpson aims for his fourth win in a row. If we succeeds, he’ll be the first Purdue Grand Prix driver to ever do so. Chip Challis looks to keep his strong form and one-up his last year’s position of second place. Newcomers Brenden Johnson and Jacob Kneuven are looking to make a name for themselves.

Jimmy Simpson encountered a fuel flow issue during his qualifying session, relenting the pole to Chip Challis. Another 25 positions were determined in last week’s qualifying session with the results shown to the right.

With only 33 karts allowed in each year’s race, that leaves six spots still available for the taking. The teams putting in times per the results below will need to race their way in. The top two positions in each of the three qualifying heats will be granted the final positions in the race. Notably, Brandon Newey’s No. 98 machine will be racing it’s way in due to a mechanical issue during qualifying. The team was disqualified as well for leaving pit lane during the session, but have been granted an appeal since they left upon a miscommunication with an official.

The field looks stacked with great talent this year as we look through the roster. There’s sure to be plenty of action once the green flag drops for the 59th running of the Purdue Grand Prix. Make sure to come out to the track if you’re in the area. If not, tune your browser to for live commentary of every one of the 160 laps of competition.

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Race Day Schedule of Events

8:30 AM Pits, Track, and Grandstands Open to Public
9:30 AM Pits and Track Closed to Public 9:50 AM Odd Number Karts Practice 10:20 AM Even Number Karts Practice
10:45 AM Practice Ends
11:30 AM First Sprint Race (25 laps)
12:00 PM Second Sprint Race (25 laps)
12:30 PM Third Sprint Race (25 laps)
1:00 PM Car Show
1:30 PM Purdue University All-American Twirling Team
1:40 PM Line Up Main Feature
1:50 PM Welcome from Mitch Daniels
1:55 PM Grand Marshal Introduction
2:02 PM Ambassador and Scholarship Recipient Introductions
2:10 PM Driver Introductions
2:20 PM “Back Home Again In Indiana”—Marissa Lorenz
2:22 PM Invocation
2:24 PM Color Guard
2:26 PM National Anthem—Marissa Lorenz
2:28 PM “Drivers Start Your Engines!”
2:30 PM 59TH Annual Purdue Grand Prix Race Begins (160 laps)
4:10 PM Victory Celebration in Victory Lane

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