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Double Stinting with the Mophie Powerstation Plus 8X

Through the great relationship between the Verizon IndyCar Series and Verizon Wireless, I was given a Mophie Powerstation Plus 8X through the month of May to make sure I had all my Verizon Wireless devices charged and ready for the Indy car action. As I was only attending the 100th Running of the Indianapolis 500 as a fan, Verizon’s generosity was more than appreciated.

First and foremost, the Powerstation Plus is a large portable battery to charge your devices on the go, miles away from the nearest power outlet. Just how large is the battery in the Powerstation Plus? It’s 12,000 mAh to be exact. That’s nearly seven times the amount of energy storage of the iPhone 6S! What’s more, it charges at 2.4 A, two to four times faster than typical smartphone adapters.

Photo: mophie

When I first opened the Powerstation Plus, I was surprised to see no ugly wires hanging off of it that would results in a tangled rat’s nest. In fact, cable management was one of the best features of the Powerstation Plus. The built-in micro USB cable can be stored conveniently inside the brushed aluminum cover of the device along with a built in standard male USB cable for charging of the device.

The Powerstation Plus comes with the option of either micro USB or Lightning cable for usage with both non-Apple and Apple devices, respectively. You may be thinking that you’re locked down to what type of device you can charge with the Powerstation Plus, but you’d be wrong. On the side of the device is a USB port that any standard USB charger cable can be connected to, a very important feature for individuals that have a devices with a variety of proprietary charging connectors.

With the Mophie Powerstation Plus, I never had to worry about running out of power at the track. The device is able to be used to charge most phones from empty to 100% four or five times, but I never had to use it more than twice in any given full day of photo taking, Facebook checking, and tweeting. The battery indicator on the side also shows the current charge level of the Powerstation. This is a great device for any power user of social media.Photo: Mophie

Packing the charging power of multiple devices over, the Powerstation is no lightweight. It packs a bunch when it comes to charging, but that does come with a slight trade-off. It’s a tad heavy. Not heavy enough to notice in a backpack, but you’ll notice this guy hanging out in your pocket. It’s only 8.93 oz, but that’s heavier than most phones.

That didn’t deter me as I typically left it on the table to charge my devices when I was able to sit down. In the front pocket of my hoodie, I was perfectly comfortable carry the Powerstation Plus around, but it’s such a sleek device I almost felt like I had to show it off more. Sitting down in a cafe, pulling out my iPad and Powerstation felt so natural that I actually enjoyed having an extra power pack to set out on the table – not something I can say for every other mobile charger out there.

The Powerstation made my adventures at Indianapolis Motor Speedway more enjoyable and less anxious. I’d recommend it for anyone who loves the outdoors and doesn’t want to be land-locked to a power outlet, but still needs to be connected. The Mophie Powerstation Plus can be had for $149.99 from Verizon here or wherever electronics are sold.

Dusty Michael

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