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P2PP 37 – Iowa Corn 300 Review

It’s a new cast as Live Full Throttle’s Shay Hazen joins Dusty and newcomer and motorsports photographer, Zach Wenzel, for a spirited discussion of the Iowa Corn 300, round round 10 of the Verizon IndyCar Series 2016 Season. The team hash out the exciting domination exhibited in Josef Newgarden’s win in Newton, Iowa. Pagenaud continues his strong season form in Iowa and stabilizes his points leads. Cody Carrete writes in and asks a great question about ovals in IndyCar. Episode 37 also features a rapid-fire season review for each team as we’re once again 5/8 through the season. It’s a busy episode and just a bit of a longer one, but we hope you can keep up with us and enjoy the show!

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Featured Image: Chris Owens

Dusty Michael

As a mechanical engineer, Dusty’s passion is for sports cars and endurance racing. In his opinion, there’s nothing better than a race car closely based on a model that you can go out and buy from the manufacturer showroom. He’s very particular about his writing utensils and appreciates a great, cruelty free pomade.