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LG 360 Cam- An Immersive Way to Capture Experiences On the Go

Through the month of May, I was able to try out an LG G5 on Verizon Wireless with the really cool LG 360 CAM. I’ve already written that the G5 was clearly designed with mobile photography in mind, but the 360 CAM takes photo and video to a whole new level.

medium03Featuring two 13 MP spherical cameras, the 360 CAM is able to take full immersive videos that can be shared directly to YouTube or Facebook. It’s one of the smallest 360-degree cameras on the market and it was really easy to use.

The hardest part of using the 360 CAM is finding the best story to tell. With the onset of virtual reality hitting consumers’ hands, the need for 360-degree content will continue to rise, but I was still challenged to find the best applications. That’s not to say they don’t exist – I simply believe this camera thrives on creativity and innovative though, maybe even more than I think I have.

The simplistic interface of the camera made it very easy to start capturing in 360 right off the bat. Doubling as a handle for the device, the cover can easily be removed or installed for quick access and capture. A power button is joined by two LED indicators on the edge of the camera with one capture button on the front face. A short press will take a photo while a press and hold takes a video.

Through the companion app, which is compatible with both iOS and Android, the camera settings will allow for a variety of custom edits. A 180-degree mode is also available to use, but most will opt for full 360.

The 1200 mAh battery will power through a couple of hours of use, even while being connected to Wi-Fi or Bluetooth for sharing. It’s charged via USB C, under a small door in the bottom of the base next to the micro SD slot. There’s also a standard-thread hole for mounting to tripods and extension.

Uploading to YouTube in 360-degree format was easy enough and Facebook video is also supported. We used the device during the Indianapolis 500 race day and qualifying as well as the Verizon IndyCar Series’ visit to Road America. If you get the chance to watch the linked videos on mobile, please do. Google’s built-in VR experience is one of the greatest new features of YouTube.

For content creators looking for the next exciting thing to bring a unique experience to their audience, I think the LG 360 CAM is the perfect device. I’m seriously contemplating buying one – even if I don’t choose the LG G5 as my daily driver. Just remember, when you add another dimension to your content, you’ll have to change the way you think!

Check out the LG 360 CAM here from Verizon Wireless.

Dusty Michael

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