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Photo: Jake Kilshaw

A Note from the Editor of World SportsCar

Later this week, World SportsCar will no longer be online. It has been a difficult decision, but we at World SportsCar have decided to close down the website, to help us in our future endeavours.

I founded World SportsCar in November 2015, and we have since covered the fascinating world of sports car racing with news stories, race reports, interviews, and other features.

I’ve been aiming for a career in motorsport journalism for as long as I can remember, and I started World SportsCar last year with the goal of helping me along this path.

Back then, I could never have imagined just how much this would have helped me in just a few months, and recently I have had opportunities elsewhere that I simply couldn’t turn down.

I never aimed for World SportsCar to become the industry-leading sports car news website, as that was unrealistic given my relative inexperience, time and budget.

What I did hope for was that it could help me learn more of the skills required in such a competitive business, and that it might lead to bigger things. And that’s exactly what has happened, as I now go and focus all my writing efforts on Sportscar365.

However, that’s not the whole story. World SportsCar has also given me an invaluable opportunity to enjoy reporting on a sport I am passionate about, to work with some brilliant people, and make new friends along the way.

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed working on and building World SportsCar over the past nine months, and while there is an endless list of people to thank for their support and hard work along the way, there are two in particular.

It’s been a pleasure working with Alex MacDonald, who has put in an incredible effort on just about every corner of the site, especially in recent months when I’ve simply had less time to work on it. Alex is someone I’m pleased to call my friend… even if he is a little bit weird at times!

Secondly, there’s Dusty Michael of Slipstream Network. Dusty has managed the Final Stint Podcast (more on that below), supported and advised us using his own expertise from running his own website, but most importantly has put up with countless American jokes at his expense.

In addition, I must say a big thank you to all of our writers over the nine months, including Martyn Breed and Joseph Bottoms, as well as those who have come and gone.

Of course there are many other people to whom I owe so much for World SportsCar’s success, but far too many to list here.

The Final Stint Podcast will continue, but now hosted on Alex MacDonald will still host the podcast, along with co-hosts Daniel Lloyd and Connor Jackson, with Dusty Michael as producer.

In addition to writing at Sportscar365, I will continue co-hosting SportsCar America on the Slipstream Network, alongside Dusty Michael and Erin Charlton.

I would like to stress again that we are not in any way closing down World SportsCar because we have failed. We have succeeded.

World SportsCar has far surpassed my expectations, and it is because of this success that I no longer have enough time to manage the website. I firmly believe that if you can’t do something perfectly, it is better not to do it at all.

So that’s it. Thank you to everyone who has read our articles and supported us along the way. It’s been a fascinating time and one I know we have all enjoyed throughout.

All the best,

Jake Kilshaw

Jake Kilshaw

Motorsport journalist with an obsession for sports car racing. British, but secretly wants to be American. Jake writes for and reluctantly brings the "international" flare to SportsCar America on Slipstream Network.