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Watch Laurens Vanthoor Win the FIA GT World Cup Upside Down

Catch the exciting end to the FIA GT World Cup at Macau below.

Laurens Vanthoor was crowned FIA GT World Cup champion after an exciting end to the Macau Grand Prix, which ended under red flag conditions and his Audi upside down.

After a lengthy red flag period early in the race, Earl Bamber passed Vanthoor when his Porsche 911 GT3R was able to power through Turn 2 better than the rival Audi R8 LMS. Coming to the next corner, Vanthoor hit the inside curb, hit the outside wall, and flipped into the air in a spectacular fashion. The Audi came down hard onto the racing surface and continued to slide on its roof down the back straight of the Macau GP circuit. Vanthoor escaped the incident without major injury.

The incident forced red flag conditions that were not resolved before the end of the time-shortened race. Per the FIA Gt Cup rules, the race would end using the previously completed lap’s running order, giving the win to Laurens Vanthoor over Kevin Estre and Maro Engel. Bamber missed the podium after a five-second penalty due to an incident earlier in the race.

Dusty Michael

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