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PHOTO: Dan Sabol, 10FS Photography

BO 0.3 – Buy More Great Cars in 2017

Welcome to a new show by Slipstream Network and friends! The Burnouts is our take on automotive culture. Not just what’s going on in the present, but what happened in the past, and what sparked and continues to light our passion for the machines that move us.

The first three episodes of the Burnouts were recorded in one sitting, but broken up in to bite-size pieces to allow for easy listening. Here’s the third one! We hope you enjoy the show!

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Music: Off the Vinyl (Seriously, go check them out!)
Featured Image: Dan Sabol, 10FS Photography

Dusty Michael

As a mechanical engineer, Dusty’s passion is for sports cars and endurance racing. In his opinion, there’s nothing better than a race car closely based on a model that you can go out and buy from the manufacturer showroom. He’s very particular about his writing utensils and appreciates a great, cruelty free pomade.