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More Details About the New Ford Ranger, Bronco

A poster on reddit, claiming to be a junior designer for Ford Motor Company, hosted an AMA earlier this week, letting Reddit users ask about the new mid-size truck and SUV announcements. The individual shared some more details about the upcoming update to the Ranger and Bronco models confirmed by Ford earlier this week.

First and foremost, your new Bronco will not look like many of the concepts and fan art that have been circulating around the web (and used by leading automotive websites)! The poster claimed that the Ford Bronco will be an Americanized Ford Everest with an update to drivetrain options and interiors for the U.S. market. The Everest is currently sold in the Australian  market as an SUV based on the current T6 Ranger and in the Indian market, known as the Endeavour (Shown in the featured Image above).

It appears that the Bronco will be only available in a four-door model similar to the Everest, with minor updates. The company is looking at the Wrangler Unlimited for competition, but the poster also referenced pricing points lower than an equivalent Ford F-150 and competitive with the current Chevrolet Colorado.

It doesn’t look like we’ll get a removable roof either.

The Ford Bronco will be based on the upcoming Ranger update, which will be a face-lifted version of the current-generation Ranger. Like the current Ranger, the new lineup will continue to feature body-on-frame construction allowing for a wider variety of options. Configurations for the Ranger look poised to offer a SuperCab with a six-foot bed and a Crew Cab with a five-foot bed. Mini-truck lovers beware, there’s noticeably a gap in the range for a Single Cab option.

Drivetrain options are still being looked at with Ford’s market research in full-tilt. We should hear more about the drivetrain come next year, but the company is paying very close attention to the market’s response to VW’s Dieselgate scandal and the Colorado MT and Diesel sales. It’s unlikely, however, that the new entry-level truck line would forgo an EcoBoost option due to the marketing forces behind the name.

Transmission options have not been nailed down yet, but the poster mentioned that Ford was taking a good look at a 10-speed automatic transmission. Maybe commenters were asking for manual options, but the current market forces highly favor the 8 – 10 speed transmissions.

It would seems that both good news and bad news is coming out of the announcement as many automotive enthusiasts had hoped for different news on some fronts. The Ford Bronco may not be the next Wrangler-killer and the Ford Ranger is not poised to change in size at all. At any rate, there’s plenty to be excited about concerning the midsize truck market in the coming years. Feel free to check out the original thread.

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