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Photo: Cadillac Racing, Acura, Tequila Patron ESM, Visit Florida Racing, WeatherTech Racing

SCA S2E1 – Sean Rayhall Hungry for Victory at the Roar

Racing season is almost hear as race teams head to the sands of Daytona Beach for the Roar Before the 24, the annual shakedown for the IMSA WeatherTech SportsCar Championship and Continental Tire SportsCar Challenge. A total of 55 teams took the opportunity to test some of the most beautiful machinery in the world at the test. All the while, the world’s best endurance drivers came out of their hibernation to prepare for 2017.

Dusty and Erin welcome a new regular to the show – Eric Mueller, the voice of Road America. Eric joins the team for Season 2 to help hash through the most important aspects of the latest stories in the North American SportsCar World.

Not a driver at the test looked more determined to attack the new year better than Sean Rayhall. A winless season has driven the young American driver to the point of maddening preparation for a successful season. Erin Charlton was able to catch up with Sean and discuss his plans and goals for the new year. He has one mission in 2017: WIN.

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Featured Image: Cadillac Racing, Acura, Tequila Patron ESM, Visit Florida Racing, WeatherTech Racing
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