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SSP 58 – APEX Pro Digital Driving Coach at PRI Show

APEX Pro unveiled their Digital Driving Coach at the 2016 Performance and Racing Industry Show. The Digital Driving Coach is a device aimed at helping drivers get a better understanding of the instantaneous performance of their vehicle and improve their lap times. No, it’s not a predictive lap timer. It won’t string together sector times – it’s not even recording time! The Digital Driving Coach uses a sophisticated algorithm and data collection process to determine the amount of grip and available performance your car has on track in real time. After process the data and gather how close to the limit you’re pushing your car, it will tell you how close to the limit you really are, all in a simple to read, elegant interface.

In episode 58 of the Slipstream Podcast, Dusty catches up with the team behind the Digital Driving Coach, consisting of Pirelli World Challenge driver Andrew Rains, Auburn Graduate Research Assistant Austin Gurley, and Business Partner Ross Wesson. The team shares their story of bringing the APEX Pro Digital Driving Coach to market.

Find out more about the APEX Pro Digital Driving Coach with the links below.

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