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Dan Goes to Evo School Pt. 1

Evolution Performance Driving School, or Evo School for short is a multi-phase school designed to teach you the secrets of being fast around an autocross course.  Phase one covers fundamentals with each driver getting a lesson plan tailored to their skill level.  From first-timers to ten year veterans, everyone can learn something from the instructors which happen to be some of the best autocrossers and drivers in the entire country.  With us for this school was Sam Strano (7-time National Champion including 5 consecutive championships and Driver of the Year), Tony Savini (another National Champion Corvette driver), Andrew Pallotta (Solo Driver of the Year, Solo Nationals Rookie of the Year, 4-time National Champion), and Bryan Heitkotter (Solo National Champion, winner of the Gran Turismo Academy, driver for Nissan, and competitor in the Pirelli World Challenge).
Phase one was a very big challenge to me and somewhat frustrating.  Not because of the subject matter, but simply due to the weather conditions.  My tires do not respond well to mid-40’s and rain, and trying to get any percentage of the 420 horsepower I have on tap was a very big challenge.  Because of this, Sam Strano is probably the bravest man in the world for standing at the entrance of the slalom with 3500 pounds of Mustang driving at him just so I would finally enter it correctly.  Also a big thanks to Andrew Pallotta for trying his hardest to get me to get my car placed where it should be.  In those conditions, it was like herding cats.

Dan Sabol