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All Podcast Episodes Uploaded

Alright folks, Aaron was able to complete the uploading of all our podcasts to the website. They should be all on iTunes and your favorite podcast catcher. If they are not, please send us an email and we will look into adding them to the services...

Episode 9

Dusty and Aaron lament current yellow flag/safety car procedures, Dusty relays his experiences from Petit Le Mans, and F1 silly season gets wacky. #ForzaJules

Episode 8

Dusty is on location at Petit Le Mans. Dusty and Aaron talk over the week of news and the big silly season news in IndyCar. Service was hard for Dusty to come by, so the alluded piece where we riff on our ideal racing series will have to be covered...

Adding All the Podcast Episodes

Hi all! We are currently in the process of uploading all the episodes of the Slipstream Podcast to the website. We have posted all of them (up through episode 6) on Podomatic. If you don’t see the entire catalog of episodes on the site yet...

Episode 7

Recorded 9/24/2014
Dusty and Aaron discuss the Lone Star Le Mans and the F1 race at Singapore, and brainstorm ideas to improve racing television coverage.

Episode 3

Aaron and Dusty host their worst episode yet. It was a busy week, what with F1, Indycar, and IMSA. We discuss this weeks past news as well as the races. Believe it or not, our gears aren’t always ground. Once again, sorry.