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OR Purdue Grand Prix

The 59th Running of the Purdue Grand Prix

The Greatest Spectacle in College Racing

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The 59th Running of the Purdue Grand Prix


Race Day Schedule (All times Eastern)

8:30 AM Pits, Track, and Grandstands Open to Public
9:30 AM Pits and Track Closed to Public 9:50 AM Odd Number Karts Practice 10:20 AM Even Number Karts Practice
10:45 AM Practice Ends
11:30 AM First Sprint Race (25 laps) 12:00 PM Second Sprint Race (25 laps) 12:30 PM Third Sprint Race (25 laps) 1:00 PM Car Show
1:30 PM Purdue University All-American Twirling Team 1:40 PM Line Up Main Feature
1:50 PM Welcome from Mitch Daniels
1:55 PM Grand Marshal Introduction
2:02 PM Ambassador and Scholarship Recipient Introductions 2:10 PM Driver Introductions
2:20 PM “Back Home Again In Indiana”—Marissa Lorenz 2:22 PM Invocation
2:24 PM Color Guard
2:26 PM National Anthem—Marissa Lorenz 2:28 PM “Drivers Start Your Engines!”
2:30 PM 59TH Annual Purdue Grand Prix Race Begins (160 laps)
4:10 PM Victory Celebration in Victory Lane

Official Merchandise

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