The Team

Our team is full of inspiring individuals that have a passion for great motorsport. Boasting a lineup from a variety of websites and organizations around the web, our hosts and editors are dedicated to bringing you the latest and greatest in the motorsports we love.

The Network

The Slipstream Network is a collective of motorsports entertaining audio shows, insightful columns, and stunning photography that are published by a dedicated group of hardworking individuals that love racing. From electric to gasoline, open wheel to grand touring, we are dedicated to bringing our listeners fun and informative shows every week. Look for our shows on iTunes, Stitcher, and many other platforms of podcast aggregation.

Dusty Michael – Founder, Editor

As a mechanical engineer, Dusty’s passion is for sports cars and endurance racing. In his opinion, there’s nothing better than a race car closely based on a model that you can go out and buy from the manufacturer showroom. He’s very particular about his writing utensils and appreciates a great, cruelty free pomade.

Angelica Haggert – Editor

ahAngelica hails from the Great White North, although she still lives far more southern than much of Michigan. Keeping the network from falling apart at the seems, Angelica is as comfortable in front of the mic as she is correcting Dusty’s passive tense writing. An avid fan of the outdoors, Angelica doesn’t mind pitching a tent for a race weekend. We dare you to look around the website and find something that hasn’t been created or improved by Angelica’s expertise.

Matt Romanotto – Chief Photography Editor

Matt likes to take pretty pictures of pretty cars. That’s why we hired him. He’s active and loves the outdoors; he’s not afraid to get wet for that great shot. A big fan of Pearl Jam, Matt also plays guitar for his local church.

Scot Elkins – Presenter

1f462c7Currently serving as COO at the Motorsport Safety Foundation and Race Director for USF2000 and Pro Mazda under the Mazda Road to Indy banner, Scot is a recognizable figure. With a large resume of experience in motorsports, Scot most recently served as Managing Director of Technical Regulations for IMSA and has also worked for Champ Car. When he get’s a spare moment, he helps lead great discussion on the Slipstream Podcast.

Katie Mech – Columnist

12140835_10101571871359431_2083947076639557779_nKatie is crazy. Crazy about coffee, crazy about Chihuahuas, and crazy about endurance racing. Katie has been to all of the NAEC, Daytona 2012, Sebring 2014, and more – yeah, she’s seen it all… Look for her Racing Line column to learn about her latest crazy racing adventures and why Porsche is so great. And whatever you do, don’t call Patrick Dempsey Dr. McDreamy.

Kyle Brown – Columnist


A financial analyst from North Carolina, Kyle brings his sharp knowledge of statistics to the racing world for some of the most in-depth insights that readers will ever get to read. He’s worked in the racing industry and finds the business of motorsports fascinating. Kyle brings his column, Spotters’ Stand, to the Slipstream Network to provide a numbers-driven look at the Verizon IndyCar Series.


Jon Tenca

Jon TencaJon runs Puck Stopper Photography with his father, Bill. Working towards fire fighting full time, Jon has played Junior A Hockey in three different  countries, but the action and excitement of motor racing has kept him at the track. He’s been taking photos of fire fighting, hockey, and motorsports since his father handed him a camera a a young age and instructed, “Shoot as many photos as you want.”

Pete Gorski

Pete Has been working as a photographer for over ten years, covering just about every motorsport out there. He can usually be seen roaming the wilds of Road America whenever there’s a race on. He’s pretty easy to spot with that trademark straw hat on, and the fact that he towers over the rest of us by about a foot.

Bill Tenca

Vast and varied are Bill’s experiences, especially with fire fighting, photography, racing, and hockey. A member of Canon Professional Service and Conneticut Fire Photographers, Bill also serves as a photographer for the Bridgeport Sound Tigers and the Stamford Fire Department. Weekends spent at Lime Rock Park led to an interest in racing, even to the point of Bill serving as race official for some time. Bill enjoys the challenge of capturing the perfect shot, be it the eyes of a driver as he speeds by or the moment of impact of a hard crash.


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